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The Mouse Is Dead, Long Live the Mouse

2019-09-30 2 min read Hardware My stuff Teknikal_Domain
So we all know I use Razer keyboards , but as of now I’ve got a Razer mouse. Why? The mouse died. I used to use a Logitech M705, the one where you can disengage the scroll wheel feedback and just freewheel it. Unfortunately, multiple years of use and it has met its end. Holding down any button is intermittent to the point where I could swear the mouse was communicating in Morse code with it’s click and releases, occasionally the scroll wheel decided I tried to scroll up, and any time I tried a normal click, it was a toss-up between click, nothing, and double-click. Continue reading

RED ALERT: Emergency Laptop Brain Transplant

Incident Report Sept. 26, 2019: Was upgrading Mint from 19.1 to 19.2, midway through, the update fails with read-only filesystem. I was cleaning up the drive at the time (getting rid of some unneeded files) and was encountering the same error. When Nemo refreshed, every icon on my desktop had a big “✖️” icon, signifying that there was an error accessing - the entire laptop was actually read-only. Being a sensible person, I tried to reboot. Continue reading

Late Night Mechanical Clacking

2019-09-04 3 min read My stuff Teknikal_Domain
So here’s the thing…. I like keyboards. Especially mechanical keyboards. Between programming and gaming, they’re good.. there’s just one problem. I personally like the resounding click that tells me, in no uncertain terms, that I have indeed pressed a key. Therefore, the first keyboard that I acquired, a Razer Blackwidow Chroma V2, contains Razer Green switches - comparable to Cherry MX Blues. For those unfamiliar, that means they are considered tactile and clicky. Continue reading