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Upgrade Complete!... Again

Didn’t I just do a hardware upgrade? Yes I did. So what’s this about? Well, saying this first, hopefully, this is the last time I have to take the hypervisor down for really any reason. I’m also not going to be going over much of the details because I already did before , and this was, once again, more memory. Remember how last time I said I couldn’t fit everything in? Continue reading

Hugo? More Like HuNO!

So I have no doubt, given Cloudflare’s metrics, that plenty have seen this site. They’ve probably also experienced one of the longest load times in existence, default fonts, and broken icons. Well, I just about fixed it. The Problem There were two main problems: The first is that a few directories referenced in the template didn’t exist by default. For example, /fonts when the actual contents are at static/fonts. This has an easy fix, we call that a symlink. Continue reading

The First Non-Apache Webserver

So, I’ve finally done it… I’ve broken free of my Apache-based shackles! To this point, all tdstoragebay.com servers are running Apache httpd as the webserver, with one minor exception: plantuml.tdstoragebay.com runs Tomcat out of necessity: PlantUML is distributed as a WAR file, which requires Tomcat to deploy. That aside, this site here, teknikaldomain.me, is not running Apache. Here, we’re in the realm of the ever-famous Nginx. But Why? Simple: It’s easier, and broadening my experience. Continue reading

Adventures in HAProxy

For those of you that do not know, haproxy is an amazing little piece of kit that can proxy HTTP and arbitrary TCP connections. It’s also so customizeable that I’m practically using it as my main NAT to my network, and do indeed refer to it internally as the “border gateway.” With one exception (SSH, more on that later), everything that comes into the TD-StorageBay network, yes, that includes this site too, passes through that one process. Continue reading