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As I’ve said, this site will forever remain free. I’m not going to monetize it, put annoying ads all over the place, or sell your data. Heck, as far as I’m concerned, there is no correlation on who or what is visiting, even the server and firewall logs are unable too because, well.. Cloudflare non-enterprise account.

However, that being said, if you would like to offer up a little money to help fund my endeavors, I will not turn down donations. There isn’t any exclusive content, there isn’t going to be any “well this person gave me money so I’ll give them superior status” here.

If you’re into the whole cryptocurrency thing:

  • BTC (Bitcoin) 1MUGjHhsMrJjy8cb7x7EUmYNamTR2ACYEC
  • BCH (Bitcoin Cash) qr54km6md4t7enwz3uqa47sxxk4hls4d4y5zn6lxe4
  • ETH (Ethereum) 0x44557Ec8c3C64b6AE536a3aE1cB98c2e03CA3b23

Note: I use XLM as my primary currency, so while I’ll accept everything else, keep in mind it’s going to be converted.

or if you’re not into the whole cryptocurreny thing, you could always buy me a Ko-fi , which in the interest of potentially saving time, I’m going to stick the button for that in the site footer.

Have any ideas for other payment platforms I should look at? leave a comment below.

Again, no pressure, no minimums, no tracking. I’m not some big corporation. I’m just a guy who spends most of his days tapping away in front of some computer or another.

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