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2021-01-24 Teknikal_Domain

Been a while, has it not? The end of 2020 was… hectic fun. Job stuff, bill stuff, family stuff, throw in a dash of lacking the will to do anything… Hopefully, I should be back now, and I’m clearing the giant backlog of stuff. Git says there’s about 60 different files that are getting changes, and hopefully that means we’ll start getting new content back out soon. I already have a few lined up, hopefully we’ll get some momentum back up from there.

Adding proper TOCs to my posts (AKA theme update)

2021-01-24 3 min read Behind the scenes Blog improvements Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count
Fun fact: until recently, I’ve het to update the Bilberry theme since I started this. Well, I just updated. And hopefully, you’ll see some changes immeditely. Anyways, here’s the list of user-facing changes: Tables of Contents What I think is the biggest update here… proper support for a table of contents for a post, automatically generated off the headings. Well, not only is that a thing that can happen now by setting a variable in my posts, but I even have a shortcode for where this gets generated. Continue reading

IPv6 Is a Total Nightmare — This is Why

2020-09-06 26 min read Networking Rants Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

I’m rewriting this to be a little more coherent, fix some issues, and, really, clarify some points I didn’t get across right. Sit tight.

So this is just going to be a total rant. IPv6 is, in theory, a solution to many things, including the dwindling IPv4 address space. IPv6 was a draft in 1997(!), and became a real Internet Standard in 2017. And, quite frankly, it’s one of those things that just adds too much hassle for not enough benefit.

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How Git Efficiently Transmits Your Changes

2020-09-04 9 min read Tech explained Version control Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

So here’s a fun one. Have you ever noticed that even for huge changes to a repository, a git push only sends over a few kilobytes, maybe a few megabytes at most? If you’re familiar with the internals of git , you know that git stores an entire copy of the new file on commit. So how are these changes so small?

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BorgBackup: (TODO: Insert Borg Joke Here)

2020-08-09 5 min read Cool stuff Tech explained Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

I was really fighting with my inner self to have a straight-forward title for this one, but alas, resistance is futile.

BorgBackup, or, for short, just “Borg”, is a relatively fast (more on that later), efficient, secure, and authenticated way of backing up multiple devices either on a single network, or even across networks (you’ll see, again, later). This is currently what I use for backing up my stuff, and, well, it’s just cool, and definitely something you should take a look at.

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MacOS Bundles (and Packages) Explained

2020-08-05 5 min read Tech explained Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

When is a file more than just a file? When it’s actually a folder that Finder is lying to you about. Every program, every kernel extension, and everything Time Machine creates on a network share is.. a bundle. Even the Photos Library file in ~/Photos… well you get the point. Let’s unpack these things, shall we?

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The Endless Struggle of Unified Logins

2020-08-03 7 min read Behind the scenes Networking Rants Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

So if I said the words “Lightweight Directory Access Protocol”, do you feel my pain? if you don’t, keep reading. Otherwise, you likely know exactly where this is going to be going.

And for the record: this is something that I’ve struggled with for about 8 months, and I think it’s getting close to the point where I really should just give up… but I won’t.

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