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Dear Diary: Today I Ruined a Pen

2020-03-13 3 min read Fails Fountain pens Teknikal_Domain

Note: This isn’t one of the backlogged posts, this one actually just happened.

So, yeah this was fun.

I was giving all my pens a thorough flush as, well, for most of them it was time for it, and for two of my pens (both the TWSBI brand ones), that means unscrewing the piston off the back. Anyone want to guess what happened just off that alone?

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So Many Different Ink Types

2020-03-25 5 min read Fountain pens Teknikal_Domain

Disclaimer: I only have photos for some of these, and that’s because those are the ones that I own.

So, back at it again with fountain pens. For most people, ink is ink. For us, well it’s much more advanced than that. Let’s take a look at some of the different ones: sheening, shimmering, iron gall, you name it.

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