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Comparing IMAP and POP

2021-01-31 8 min read Tech Tech explained Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

For those of you that have ever tried to setup email on your phone that’s more than just GMail, you’ve likely been asked how you want to access the account, either POP or IMAP, and were likely told the difference is that “IMAP keeps messages on the server.” Well, let’s go over the specific differences here, to actually give a more complete understanding of what each protocol is like.

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AbuseIPDB Checking With Postfix

2021-01-28 11 min read Programming Security Software Sysadmin stuff Tech Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

So if you’ve not heard, there’s this website called AbuseIPDB, which, no affiliation, is a website where webmasters can submit reports of abusive IP addresses, and then query those reports, either manually, or using their REST API. And this is how I did exactly that, to help cut down some of the spam on my email server. Let’s get started.

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