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The Donations Box

2020-03-17 1 min read Teknikal_Domain
Well, if you haven’t seen the newest addition to the topnav bar, there’s now a donations box up at the top, if anyone feels like sending some change my way to help keep the site(s) running and my adventures funded. The sole reason I’m writing this post is not really to ask or implore, but just bring it to your attention since that navigation bar is hidden most of the time (click the little hamburger menu icon at the top to show it). Continue reading

The Nikon D3500 Is Such a Toy

2020-03-04 5 min read Photography Shopping Teknikal_Domain

A photography category post without any pictures?

If you’ve seen my recent posts, you’ll know that I’m the owner of a Nikon D80. It’s a good camera, and served me well for the short amount of time that I’ve had it. However.. quite frankly, my phone is better in some aspects, and it’s just plain a little old. So I was looking at something a little more modern and up to date, and came down to two choices: the D3500 and D7000. In the end, I’ve decided on the D7000 as my next upgrade.

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Understanding Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml

For those unaware, there are two special files that almost all websites use to influence how visitors see them. Not human visitors, but bots - web crawlers, search engines, one of the many various “internet archival” sites, you name it. Maybe you’d like to know this because you’re building up a website or service, or maybe you’re just curious on how to read them. In either case, let’s get to explaining.

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