The Pursuit of Knowledge

2020-02-09 1 min read Site Policies Teknikal_Domain

For those that don’t know, well, I like to learn things. I like knowledge, and I spend almost all of my free time learning more, absorbing facts, and gaining new insights. The pursuit of knowledge is a noble one indeed, and one that, in my opinion, benefits everyone.

Partially as a result of this, is… this blog. This is where I will put random facts, bits of knowledge, answers to questions, and other things that I feel like sharing. While the content may vary, there is one thing that I guarantee will not: I’m not monetizing this. This isn’t for monetary gain or personal glory, this is just for me to share with the world. If you would like to donate to help fund my adventures, you are more than welcome (once I put a link up), but I will never run ads on this site, or any of my sites for that matter. The amount of money they take from me is trivial.

So please, browse to your heart’s content. As long as I stand, the content here will always remain free and open.