Adding proper TOCs to my posts (AKA theme update)

Table of Contents

Fun fact: until recently, I’ve yet to update the Bilberry theme since I started this. Well, I just updated. And hopefully, you’ll see some changes immediately.

Anyways, here’s the list of user-facing changes:

Tables of Contents

What I think is the biggest update here… proper support for a table of contents for a post, automatically generated off the headings.

Well, not only is that a thing that can happen now by setting a variable in my posts, but I even have a shortcode for where this gets generated. here I’ve left it at the default, so it’s at the very top of the article.

Could it use a little more styling? Maybe. But right now it’s better than nothing. I’ll play with them and see if i can maybe make that look a little neater… or maybe I’ll just leave it the way that it is.

Status Posts

Something people have been asking about for some time. You’ll know one because it has no title, and is just a tiny text block on the front page. I could use these to announce small things or little bits of information that don’t need a full post for, just a one or two sentence summary is good enough.

Pinned Posts

Not something I’m using, yet, but the newer versions allow you to “pin” an article to the top of the timeline, either on the first page only, or every page, so it’s always there. Maybe if I had something large going on that would take a bit of time, I’d use this, but, well, nothing here usually sticks around long enough for me to consider telling users about it, repeatedly.

Image Modals

Hah, solved this one before you did! I use Medium Zoom for making images pop out when you click on them, but now the theme templates have this natively. I might use this, but if I have a picture larger than the 1000 pixel content area, I’m likely going to make two, one full sized, one small, and use MZ’s features to automatically swap in the detailed one when you click on it. I’ll have to see about this one.

Layout Change

This one is actually the simplest of them all: I increased the content area width (the white box this is displayed in) to 1000px… from 900. And at this setting, anything with a resolution less than about 1200px gets the more compact “mobile” layout… so in theory, if you have a 720p monitor, which has a horizontal resolution of 1,280 px, you’re just barely over the threshold, but I can’t imagine anyone today having a monitor smaller on desktop, so, that’s fine.