Hyundai, Are You Actually Kidding Me Right Now?

2020-06-09 3 min read Cars Rants Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

For my little nerd moment on the car itself, see here.

Okay, so, imagine this. You just got the message that your friend wants to be picked up from work (A.K.A. boss’s house), and given that you’re practically the family chauffeur (and they pay), no problem. Get there, he hops in, and says he’s hungry, wants to stop by Five Guys. (now I’m hungry, and it’s 3 AM. Nice going.) Five Guys is maybe 5 minutes away from your home, 10 away from his, no big deal, go in, eat, come out. Sit back down, buckle in, turn the key… and get hit with the most horrendous grinding sound you’ve ever heard.

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