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The Mouse Is Dead, Long Live the Mouse

2019-09-30 2 min read Hardware My stuff Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

So we all know I use Razer keyboards , but as of now I’ve got a Razer mouse. Why? The mouse died. I used to use a Logitech M705, the one where you can disengage the scroll wheel feedback and just freewheel it. Unfortunately, multiple years of use and it has met its end. Holding down any button is intermittent to the point where I could swear the mouse was communicating in Morse code with it’s click and releases, occasionally the scroll wheel decided I tried to scroll up, and any time I tried a normal click, it was a toss-up between click, nothing, and double-click. The exact cause? I don’t know. But what I do know is that it was unusable. So then the question… why a Razer mouse? Well, that was off the word of a friend.

Say hello to the Razer Mamba wireless, which is pretty good. Lighting (not as much as the RGB model, just the scroll wheel and logo), on-device button profiles and macros, it’s pretty good and feels pretty durable. The best part, in my opinion, is that it doesn’t have to be wireless… I can plug the mouse in and use it while it charges, Apple. Battery life doesn’t seem to be the greatest, but I’m keeping an eye on it to see.

Here’s the weird part: it has a 16,000 DPI sensor (that is to say: HYPERSENSITIVE.) By default, there’s 5 sensitivity settings: 800, 1800, 4500, 9000, and 16000. Note that this is different from the sensitivity setting set in Windows, this is the mouse’s view of movement that windows then modifies. I’m pretty comfortable with 1800, and 4500 works pretty food in first-person games. I have yet to find an actual use case for full 16000 DPI sensitivity since it’s just so touchy. I can move across my entire display area (across two screens, mind you) without moving the mouse outside of a single square inch.

Don’t know how long this one will last, but given it’s price tag, I’m going to hold it to some pretty high standards.

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