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The First Non-Apache Webserver

2019-09-14 2 min read Behind the scenes Network maintenance Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

So, I’ve finally done it… I’ve broken free of my Apache-based shackles!

To this point, all tdstoragebay.com servers are running Apache httpd as the webserver, with one minor exception: plantuml.tdstoragebay.com runs Tomcat out of necessity: PlantUML is distributed as a WAR file, which requires Tomcat to deploy. That aside, this site here, teknikaldomain.me, is not running Apache. Here, we’re in the realm of the ever-famous Nginx.

But Why?

Simple: It’s easier, and broadening my experience. The Nginx configuration file is extremely lightweight compared to httpd, (despite the default package installation making quite a few files to look through), and as a server, it’s efficient, popular, and something that some experience in will definitely come in handy one day. Oh, there’s also the added ability of me being able to use plaintext HTTP/2 (h2c), which is mainly just to let me Wireshark the HTTP/2 packets, and have a fully HTTP/2 connection, supporting things like the server push and other HTTP/2 goodies. Did you know that you need to actually build httpd with HTTP/2 support yourself? I took one look at the build process and thoroughly noped out of that situation.

Now, in fairness, I was planning on using Caddy for this site, not Nginx, but… well, let’s just say there were some problems getting that to work right, so Nginx it is.

Rather short one for now, see you soon, everyone!

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