Goodbye Drobpox, Out of the Way MEGA, Here Comes Nextcloud

2020-03-20 2 min read Cool stuff Software Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

So you know what Dropbox is, right? Free cloud storage. Put your files in Dropbox, and they’re available anywhere, shareable to anyone, if you want. Sounds cool, right? What about Mega? (Or MEGA?)

Well, let me introduce you to my newest cool thing: Nextcloud.

Sure, Dropbox is cool, just.. for me, 2.25 GB of space is kinda limiting. MEGA, which does better here, at 50 GB on the free plan, and has a pretty good stance on privacy and, overall, is a service that I do very much agree with, still isn’t perfect.

See, for me, I like to do as much as I can by myself. And short of always carrying around a pile of USB flash drives on my keychain, there’s no way to have my data accessible anywhere on any device, if I so wish.

Well, welcome to Nextcloud.

Nextcloud is built on the exact same premise, with one change: it can be run locally, I have it running on a stock available FreeNAS plugin. As long as it’s on my servers, not only is there no such thing as a paid plan since… it’s my stuff, it also means that I can use as much space as I physically have allocated. Terabytes of storage, anywhere!

Did I also mention that it has WebDAV support? For those unaware: WebDAV means that I can mount A web URL as a network filesystem. Instead of just one folder that has to sync up, that folder is my account.

Now, yes, I know, this is not for everyone. I’m not saying you should set aside enough space and enough networking knowledge to set it up, I’m just saying that, for me, there’s something that I like better… and I’m going to use it.

(Oh and Joplin supports syncing to it which is cool too)

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