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A Better Microphone

2020-02-03 2 min read Audio Equipment My stuff YouTube kit Teknikal_Domain Unable to load comment count

For those unfamiliar, I’ve been using a RØDE VideoMic as my main microphone for content on YouTube and Twitch.. and that’s about to change.

The VideoMic is one of these:

If you can’t tell, that’s meant to be mounted on top of a camera as a shotgun mic. It’s good, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not perfect. In fact, I’ve already had a better mic for quite a while, but it takes up way too much desk space on an already cramped desk. And if I’m playing my favorite games, which usually add a HOTAS into the mix? Good luck with that. Well, having gotten a new stand, I can say that the Audio Technica AT2035 will be returning!

Instead of being placed on the desk, the new stand can be placed on the actual pc case and cantilever the mic over, closer to where I’m speaking, without taking up any more precious desk space. Win!

There are a few issues though. The RØDE mic connects with a standard 3.5mm audio jack, meaning it can sit on my PC and plug into the front panel directly if need be, and this is what’s required for my streaming setup. On the other hand, with pre-recorded (YouTube) content, I can actually record stuff separately and mix it together before upload. This allows me to use the AT2035, because that mic connects through XLR, and.. well, most common computers do not have XLR inputs built in. And the only device that I have that takes it is a 20x20 (more like 8x8) digital audio interface. USB ASIO devices aren’t a native windows recording device, they need some special software for that. Because of this, OBS won’t pick it up, and I cannot use it for streaming. Any spur-of-the-moment recordings pulled off the graphics card’s buffer can’t use it either for the exact same reason.

As long as I do have the benefit of post production, I can use a software package like Reaper to capture the various sound tracks I need, and then mix them down into a format that can be combined with the video data before being cut, edited, and given my special treatment before being uploaded.

So in short, uploaded content should start having a much better voice of me on it, streamed / unplanned stuff.. well, it’s good but it’s not as good.

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